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The future of education

We’re a community of students, teachers and professionals working to build a new educational model; free and open to all, where anyone can master the skills needed to build a better life.

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Dive into the best classes on Youtube, all hand-curated by your peers.

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Put your knowledge to the test with countless peer-reviewed quizzes

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Ask questions, start discussions, create projects and share resources.

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Data Driven Degrees

Give yourself some credit.

ProDegrees provide a clear and comprehensive picture of your learning journey and where your expertise lies.

Time watched, quizzes completed and proficiency are all displayed skill by skill, subject by subject. Easily share your ProDegree on your Linkedin or portfolio and showcase your skills to the world.

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Science Backed Learning Tools

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Prodeus uses scientifically backed learning techniques to supercharge your learning.

We make it easy to turn daily browsing into a structured, social and active learning routine that can deepen your understanding, maximize your recall and help you master skills up to 3X faster.

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Learning Pathways

Make Magic from the Mess

Save all your favorite Youtube videos, web pages, and quizzes inside custom learning paths. As you organize your pathway, adding important notes and conversations, your pathways automatically takes the form of a course.

Come back to your course later to refresh your memory or share it with new learners trying to master the same skill.

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Turn the web into your personal classroom

With our free chrome extension, track your time watching Youtube, create quizzes to master new skills, and accrue credit towards our professional certification, the ProDegree.

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