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Get your degree from Youtube.

Forget massive tuition costs. Let Prodeus catalog the hours you spend learning on Youtube and all the work you do along the way.

It's free

How it works

Easily add any class from Youtube, catalog your time learning and earn credits towards our professional certification, the ProDegree.

Add classes from Youtube
Watch classes and rack up time
Grow your skills and your rank

What is a ProDegree?

ProDegrees are a professional certification that reflects your progress from apprenticeship to mastery.

Each skill tier reflects a certain amount of working hours, in a similar way to a traditional university degree.

Build up
your expertise.

Peer Reviewed

All classes must meet minimum requirements to be eligible offer credit to students

Connect your ProDegree to your Linkedin

Showcase your expertise on your Linkedin profile to share with future employers and land your next gig.

A degree shouldn’t
be a debt sentence

We built Prodeus to make it simple and affordable to learn in-demand skills, connect with your professional peers, and earn a powerful degree to get you an amazing job.

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