College sucks.
We’re better.

We’re a community of students, teachers and professionals working to build a new educational model; free and open to all, where anyone can master the skills needed to build a better life.

Welcome to people
powered education.

Free forever

Education is a necessity for today’s world, and we’re committed to providing it freely forever.

Social learning

Say goodbye to siloed learning and hello to collaborative peer centric education.

Data Driven Degrees

Track all aspects of your learning and showcase your passions and what makes you special.

Prodeus is 100% bootstrapped 🥾, no VCs.

We will never sell your data👤. We only use data to create a better educational experience.

We are committed to making quality education available for everyone around the world 🌎 no matter wealth or status.

About the founder

👋 Hey, I'm James Harr

I'm a multi-discplinary designer with an interest in heterodox economics, political theory and the intersection of design and social engineering. I believe that together we can build apps, companies and a society that is democratic, egalitarian and just, where technology is used to create abundance and wealth for all, not the few at the tippy top.

I pursued a dual degree program at The New School for Political Science and Integrated Design with Minors in Economics and Capitalism Studies. I concluded my studies at Parsons and Eugene Lang with over $100k in debt and decided to use my knowledge and experience to build a platform that might save future students from the hardships of debt and create a new educational model that is free and open to all; one where everyones voice is heard and important.