How to use the extension

Everything you need to know to become a pro with Prodeus.

Step 1

Pin the extension to your chrome browser. Click the con to open the Prodeus toolbar.

Step 2

Click icon to create quizzes, add resources and build learning pathways from any page on the web.

Step 3

Click your profile picture to check your progress

Learn how to...

Tracking your time on Youtube

Earn credits by watching educational videos.

Add the Class

Hover your mouse over any video and a track my time button will appear in the lower left corner. Click it to get started.

Select correct Info

Choose the correct category, difficulty and add any relevant skills and click submit.

accrue time

Prodeus will track your time while you sit back and enjoy your first class.

Create Quizzes

Use quizzes to learn more effectively, study more efficiently and earn credit for your ProDegree.

Choose information

Find info in a class or article that you don't want to forget. Click icon to create a quiz and follow along the creation modal.

Turn it into a question

Turn whatever you want to remember into a question that forces you to actively recall that information at a later date.


Prodeus will remind you at the ideal intervals to retake your quiz so you never forget the information.

Build Pathways

Save all your favorite Youtube videos, web pages, and quizzes inside custom learning pathways.

Add Content

Click icon to add any webpage, quiz or class to a pathway. If you have no existing pathways we will prompt you to create one.

Organize your content

You can arrange content inside sections, add notes, and anything else you think is relevant. As you organize your content, your pathways automatically takes the form of a course.

Study & Share

Pathways are a great way to share your learning journey with your peers as well.

Getting a ProDegree

Earn credits by passing quizzes and taking classes

Multiple Choice Quiz
1 Credit
Short Answer Quiz
2 Credit
30 Minutes of Class Time
5 Credit

Level up your ProDegree

ProDegrees is a professional credential that reflects your progress from apprenticeship to mastery. Each skill tier reflects a certain amount of working hours, in a similar way to a traditional university degree.