A degree shouldn’t
be a debt sentence.

We built Prodeus to make it simple and free to learn in-demand skills, connect with your professional peers, and earn a powerful degree to get you an amazing job.

Peer Certified Learning

Power to
the peers

The Prodeus community is constantly scouring the web to find the best educational videos, articles and resources.

Rather than relying on the big institutions to tell us what knowledge is valuable, Prodeus relies on you, your peers and the wisdom of the crowd to deliver the best learning experience.



Every class and quiz must maintain a peer review score higher than 70% to offer credit

Earn credits by passing quizzes and taking classes

Multiple Choice Quiz
1 Credit
Short Answer Quiz
2 Credit
30 Minutes of Class Time
5 Credit

Level up
your ProDegree

ProDegrees is a professional credential that reflects your progress from apprenticeship to mastery. Each skill tier reflects a certain amount of working hours, in a similar way to a traditional university degree.

A ProDegree is worth a thousand words

ProDegrees provide a clear and comprehensive picture of your learning journey and where your expertise lies.

Time watched, quizzes completed and proficiency is all displayed skill by skill, subject by subject. Easily share your ProDegree on your Linkedin or portfolio and showcase your skills to the world.

Connect your ProDegree to your Linkedin

Share your progress and your expertise on Linkedin. Every ProDegree has a unique hash code so anyone can verify the authenticity of your credential at any time.